Maarif -UL- Quran O Hadith

Hazrat Mulana Abdul Raheem Sahib (Rehmat Ullah Aleh)




Hazrat Sheikh Abdur Raheem Sahib (Rehmat Ullah Aleh) 1909 till 2001


Hazrat Sheikh Abdur Raheem Sahib was born on 21st November,1909 in the family of farmers at the village named “Banda Zareef Khan”, 3-miles away from Katlang and almost 15-miles away from Mardan (Khyber Pukhtoon Khuwa), Pakistan. His father name was Muhammad Shah and he had 3-sons, two were elder than Abdur Raheem Sahib and he was the 3rd. Hazrat Sheikh Maulana Abdur Raheem Sahib since his early childhood (at the age of 5) wished to learn Quran and see the King of Islam, meet the friend of Allah (Wali-Ullah). He always wished to do the same whatever Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) did, and this was the actual foundation and the seed in him. This was start, and he fulfilled all of his wishes during his life time, learned Quran-o-Hadith, did the ziyarat of King of Islam, met with lots of Wali-Ullah’s and himself was a great Sufi (Wali-Ullah). His Grand peer is Hazrat Sheikh Siraj-ul-Haq, whose tomb of light is in Gurdas Pur (Punjab).


The love of Quran and Hadith was in his nature. That is why he gave up his childhood, adulthood, home, money, relatives and everything else in the great cause of Quran and Hadith. He whole heartidly worshiped Allah and made it his principle of life. He gave all his time to the education of Quran and Hadith. He took early education till fifth grade (class-5) in the village of Lond Khwar. He went to India to learn Quran and Hadith in Madrasa-e-Fateh Puri and completed his education of Quran and Hadith. Then he came back to Punjab for spreading Deen-e-Islam. He took oath of submission in the spiritual path of Chishtia/ Qadria and his Sheikh gave the permission for taking oath of submission in first meeting. Sheikh Abdur Raheem Sahib was a complete Muslim and from his personality there was an ongoing aroma of Piety and Contentment. After spending some years in Punjab he moved to Mardan. He made an institution Idara-e-Maarif-Ul-Quran-O-Hadith, he spent all his life in the field of Dars-e-Quran and Hadith. His institution Idara-e-Maarif-Ul-Quran-O-Hadith has the bliss of saving the precious teachings of Hazrat Sheikh Abdur Raheem Sahib (Rehmat Ullah Aleh) in Audio and Video formats in a very short period of time. So every human being can listen and learn true spirit of Islam. His dedicated institution Idara-e-Maarif-Ul-Quran-O-Hadith is still working under the true light of the teachings of Hazrat Sheikh Abdur Raheem Sahib (Rehmat Ullah Aleh).




Efzal Ahmad

I have gained the knowledge of Quran and Hadith from my Shiekh Hazrat Mulana Abdur Raheem Sahib (Rehmat Ullah Aleh) from Idara-e-Maarif-Ul-Quran-O-Hadith, during 36-years time span, since my childhood. Moreover I have been fortunate enough to repeat the Tafseer-e-Quran-O-Hadith six times in person from my Sheikh sahib directly.

These teachings which I have taken from my sheikh, I think this is the ultimate light of guidance and it is my utmost duty to transfer this light to every human being the way my Sheikh Hazrat Mulana Abdul Raheem Sahib (Rehmat Ullah Aleh) did. Insha Allah you will find every lecture in a true spirit of Quran and Hadith. My Sheikh’s path was free from every Firqa and you will find me following the same path, which is the true spirit of Quran and Hadith.